Colourbond Guttering & Downpipes

Steel is still recognised as a good, affordable choice for your gutters downpipes. You may recognise the brand name Colourbond, or see steel guttering under the names Painted, Galvanised, or Zincalume.

Our Colourbond steel guttering is rolled to a ‘High Front Quad Gutter’ profile. This is a traditional shape in Australia, and is still popular today with newer properties. It is a solid, value-for-money solution that is compatible with most buildings, that carries a significant volume of water before relying on an inbuilt overflow system to shed overflow.

  • We have a large variety of colours available, and can match or complement your existing facade.
  • Steel products can be varied in their properties. We only select the ones best suited the environmental conditions of your property.
  • Suitable for drier climates.
  • Long lasting performance.

Why Choose Rainbusters for your Guttering?


We specialise in the installation of continuous aluminium guttering, as we believe it to be the superior guttering solution; it is join-free, leak-free, rust-resistant & available in a range of styles & colours. We will also be happy to provide you with the option to match your existing guttering product such as Colourbond steel or Zincalum should you require only partial replacement.


At Rainbusters Guttering we will provide you with personal service & expert advice for ALL your guttering problems. We will work with you to achieve your desired result, whilst maintaining our highest standard of quality, which we back with a warranty on all workmanship.


When you choose Rainbusters Guttering for your home improvement or commercial project, you will deal directly with the same team from the moment you make an enquiry to final sign-off on the job, including hands on at your site. Unlike many larger companies who use sub contractors to complete your job (often meaning you’re dealing with several different teams), we are a proud family owned business, and take ownership of our work.